Register a CompanyNOT AVAILABLE YET

Agency: Uganda Registration Services Bureau Period: 2 Days Cost: Starting from UGX 115,000/-

Have a lawyer prepare Company Articles and Memorandum of Association for you. Its your company constitution and should include names and signatures of subscribers. Have them witness and sign it as well.

  1. Fill in the following forms (obtained from the indicated links; the physical OSC at UIA; the URSB offices; or at the Uganda Bookshop.
      • Form S18 : Particulars of company directors – Form S18
      • Form A1: Statement of Nominal Capital – Form A1 

    You are required to fill and submit the following forms within 14 days after company incorporation.

    • Form A9: location of business – Form A9
    • Form 7: particulars of directors and company secretary – Form 7
  2. Get an assessment from any of the above mentioned places (except the bookshop), then pay for the company to be incorporated.
  3. Submit filled forms with proof of payment attached.


The fees structure is as below:

Share Capital above 5m

  • Registration Fees is UGX 35,000/=
  • Stamp Duty is 1% of Share capital
  • Plus ½ of the calculated stamp duty.


Share Capital Below 5m

  • Registration Fees is UGX 50,000/=
  • Stamp Duty is 0.5% of share capital Plus UGX 35,000/-


Registration of Company Forms

  • Form 7 is UGX 20,000/=
  • Form A9 is UGX 20,000/=
  • Resolution to open a bank account is UGX 20,000/=


Local Company without Share Capital

  • Registration fees UGX 80,000/-
  • Stamp Duty UGX 35,000/-

These fees are subject to bank charges

  • What is the purpose of the procedure?

    To formalize a company so that it is eligible for various business transactions and operations

  • What is the result of the procedure?

    Document (Certificate of Incorporation) with unique name and number.

  • What you need to know/have before you start?

    3 name options
    Articles and Memorandum of Association.

  • How to pay and how long will it take?

    Payment assessments are done using the URA portal of fees charged. Once the payment assessment has been done, a choice of payment method is made (bank, mobile payment) and a Payment Registration Number (PRN) issued.
    Payment is then made against the PRN using the method and bank of choice.