Obtain an Investment License

Agency: Uganda Investment Authority Period: 2 working days Cost: Free of Charge

By law, all investors need to obtain an Investment License from Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). One can apply for an Investment License online from eBiz.

Foreign investors require a minimum of US$250,000 in planned investment in order to secure an investment license from the Uganda Investment Authority, whereas for domestic investments, the minimum planned investment requirement is US$50,000. Traders do not require a license from UIA.

Steps to follow:

Step 1 – Register your company in Uganda

Register your company at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and obtain the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a Certificate of Incorporation.

Step 2 – Get a Company Tax Identification Number Certificate

Register for taxes from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for a company Tax Identification Number (TIN – Non Individual). All company directors need to obtain individual TINs before getting a company TIN. Normal processing time for a TIN is 1 working day.

Step 3 – Get your investment license

Apply for an investment license using eBiz and attach the documents below. Normal processing time for an investment license is 2 working days¹.

Required documents for an Investment License

The following documents are required as electronic (soft copy) attachments to the application for an Investment License. All applicants must submit items 1-6 to enable UIA process your application within the set time frame.

  1. Legal status (Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles & Memorandum of Association from Uganda Registration Services Bureau)
  2. A company Tax Identification Number (TIN) certificate ²
  3. A brief Business Proposal on the project (not less than 5 pages, clearly indicating the Company Overview. Executive Summary, Product/Service Description, Market Analysis, Human Resource Plan and Fnancial Plan). Submitted documents should be in English.
  4. Evidence of availability of financing for the project, (which could be a Bank statement³ for the company or Directors.)
  5. Proof of location for the Project (Attach a copy of the land title or a tenancy agreement to confirm location of the project).
  6. Electronic copy of Passport or National ID for Shareholders


Other additional documents in exceptional cases

  1. Bill of lading to confirm importation of machinery
  2. Copy of the regulatory license issued by the relevant Government Ministry/Department or Agency
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment Report/Certificate of Approval by National Environment Management Authority


Step 4 – Secure necessary regulatory clearances

Certain sectors require regulatory licenses e.g. for mining activity, air transport, banking, forestry. Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) will assist you to secure these licenses within reasonable time. UIA shall also assist you in obtaining suitable industrial land and work permits for your expatriate staff. Utilities like telephone, electricity and water can easily be secured from the relevant offices.


¹ Terms and conditions apply. License will be processed within 2 working days if ALL required documents are attached.

² This is a new requirement as per the Tax Amendment Bill 2019

³ Bank statements should be submitted in English. Translation of bank statements issued in a foreign language should be done from the Makerere University School of Languages, Literature and Communication (CHUSS)