Starting a business in Uganda has never been easier. The following services are available at the One Stop Centre. This also includes services that are still only accessible physically by coming to the One Stop Centre. We are working on making all our services accessible electronically through eBiz.

Investment Advisory

Get to know about available investment opportunities in Uganda

Search for a Business Name

Choose a name for your business. Make sure you have 3 options ready

Reserve a Business Name

Book the preferred business name for your enterprise

Register a Company

Get your company registered so that you can do business in Uganda

Register for Taxes

Get a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for your company

Obtain Investment License

Get an investment license to access incentives and investor after care services

Obtain Trading License

Get a City Operator's Identification Number (COIN) and a trading license to run your business in Uganda's Capital City

Verify Land Title

Make sure that the land you intend to buy or have already purchased has no caveats

Get Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate

Ensure that your business complies with environmental laws

Obtain a Work Permit

Be legally registered to work in Uganda if you are not Ugandan

Obtain Special Pass

Get short-term entry as you explore business opportunities in Uganda

Obtain Residence Permit

Secure long-term stay in Uganda by applying for a residence permit

Get Organization Code

Get your organization profiled and issued with a code

Get Distinctive Mark

Get your product certified to boost consumer confidence

Purchase Standards

Get the standards guides to start your path to product certification

Banking Services

Pay for all your permits and licenses conveniently

Industrial Power Services

Get access to industrial power for your business

Industrial Water Services

Get industrial water connected to your business

Tourism Investment Advisory

Get insights into the tourism sector if you want to invest here

Free Zones Services

Gazette your business as a free zone to benefit from our attractive incentives

Labor Related Services

Get a better understanding of the labor regulations in Uganda